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I know this is an old subject , but a  recent tweak of my TPS gave me an unexpected bonus.

I previously had adjusted my TPS counter clockwise, so the the unit would not shut the fuel off at closed throttle, and richen 

the mixture a little sooner at the other end..

I was never really happy with the closed throttle feel, so I decided to take the easy way out and cut the 

black and white wire.

Low speed fuelling is definately a little smoother , with  wide open throttle acceleration remaining really strong.

I recently noticed at idle the motor was hunting a little , not a lot,  as if one cylinder was slightly  out ,  but it 

was there .

Since I cut the TPS wires, the hunting has gone, and she idles at 1k steady as a rock.

There has been a slight reduction in the buzz  during 5th gear roll acceleration.


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I had been running with my TPS unplugged to make it smoother at car park speeds. It made a difference, definitely smoother at low speed at the cost of occasional backfire. I reconnected it a few days ago and so far I can't feel any difference. The only difference was the loss of the occasional backfire.  TPS tweak  610153 I was thinking about doing what some Brick owners had done and fit a switch into black and white wire. However seeing as it seems to be running smooth at low speed maneuvering I think I'll run it as it is for a while and see what happens.
Regards Martin.

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