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OK, so we've all heard stories about people turning back clocks to knock a few miles off, however, I want to add miles  affraid

My clocks were changed at about 72k, with what appears to be a new set (going by the paperwork), and these are now showing 47k. I'm quite proud of the distance this steed has done and would like to show that, with a bit of TLC, mileage is not an issue. Is there anyway, (preferably legally), that I can add the full mileage to the clocks or am I better off just leaving it?

Cheers all.


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Well, there's Duck's method of prising the discs apart with a screwdriver and then rotating by hand... I've found at least three different types of internals for speedometers. One type is held together by screws and is very easy to clock. It's also easy to spot; the bar holding the numbered wheels on is not flattened at one end. I suspect this type is on found on very early speedos because later ones have the end of the bar flattened after assembly to prevent removal. With those it's down to borrowing Duck's screwdriver.

As far as I'm aware, the law is to prevent you from removing mileage, not adding it. LFB is on its third instrument panel and each time I've wound the mileage up to match its defunct predecessor. MOT'ing Brick2 a few years back was quite funny. The damaged clocks on it show 40-something thousand miles and as I wasn't that bothered, I dropped a set of clocks on that had 65,000 showing. I got to the MOT station and their last record was north of 73,000...

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