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Hi, I have some extra parts and what not laying around from my current k100 build that I am trying to get rid of, parts include:
Unless otherwise specified all parts work as of removal from bike. I mostly want this stuff out of my hair, so throw me an offer, I am not trying to get top dollar out of this stuff.

Air flow meter W Rubber Intake tube (airbox somewhat damaged)

Set of coils (old style iirc, kinda grubby)

Set of plug wires (dirty but work)

Complete set of relays (let me know what you need)

Fuel injection control unit (dirty but working)

Ignition Box (dirty but working)

BEP 3.0 (basically new, hardly used)

Lunchbox (missing some bulbs I think, but worked when I removed it, not sure now as I had it open to fix tac, soldered a broken connector) US model

Most of the wiring harness, though it has some bits missing.

Fuel tank, has a pinhole in the bottom left under the fuel pump. Paint long since gone, covered in white spray-paint for now, several dents, no internals (throw me an offer, I just want it gone, if you are in the ca bay area even better)

Fuel cap and key (if I can find it)

I believe I still have the old seat and rear end from the bike, but its grey and the comfort style seat from the later model bikes, also should have the mounting hardware for it.

Oddly enough, I also believe I have a side stand switch from a k1200. 

If you are interested in any of these parts or potentially anything else I might have forgotten to include, send me a message and I will see if I have it, I can send pictures of the items if interested.

Various Bits and pieces of a 1987 k100LT for sale 11212010




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