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I was able to clean the injectors based off a neat method found on web, parts available at Autozone and Home Depot.  New 9V battery and a momentary switch pulsing by thump worked perfectly.  Fuel Injector Clean

Then I read up on rebuild kits.  When I looked into the stock filter on each individual injector, it appeared as if there was no bottom to the screen mesh filter.  After removing the stock filters, sure enough the screen mesh was open at the bottom.  The new replacement filters appear to have finer mesh than original stock screens.

Two questions for the forum members:
1) Has anyone had any problems with what appears to be the smaller mesh screens with plastic frame?
2) Has anyone seen this open bottom screen before?  Could it have been intentionally broken through to improve fuel flow or something weird like that?

K100RS Injector Cleaning and Internal Filter Replacement ZK100RS Injector Cleaning and Internal Filter Replacement 9k=

Thanks for all help and advice.



lots of info about injectors and cleaning already in the forum

just go to the "portal page" and use the search feature 

almost  all "ev1" type injectors have rebuild kits from all sorts of suppliers as they were typical stock supply and most things around the same age , mechanically and time wise ....

good luck with the clean up 


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