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('91 K75 Silver 56Kmiles) I was getting new tires (almost spelled it tyres) when I thought why not get the black painted snow flake wheels like my other machine? Hides the dirt and looks good. Looked around and found a rear at a friend's shop. Turned out I already had a front wheel at the bottom of my pile of unobtanium parts. So I ran both wheels through a cleaning and examination. But the rear has a .1 inch/2.54 mm run out side to side. It's used and common sense says that .1 inch ain't going to make that much difference once a tire is mounted and balanced. So I thought to just run a sanity check on my assumption. Any observations or consensus on how much side to side slop is acceptable?

I already received and mounted the new tires on my old wheels so this is another project for the near future.

thanks and best regards


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I'm not totally familiar with K75 but isn't the older Y-spoked wheel a narrower rim? If that's the case then it's a no-brainer imo. Go with the wider wheel. Possibly better tyre choices as well maybe.

TBH, unless that run-out is like a warp across half the wheel, I wouldn't worry about it. I have a 2" dingle in the front that has about the same run-out and it makes no difference.


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