BMW K bikes (Bricks)

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active member
Hello, all!

Been busy and just now getting around to showing off my "new" 1994 K75 RT!

Big thanks to Point-Seven-fine for taking such good care of her. I will continue to do so and see if we can get another 100k miles on the dash!Greetings Again! 1f61c 

Greetings Again! Resized_20230527_112533
Greetings Again! Resized_20230527_112432
Greetings Again! Resized_20230527_112645
Greetings Again! Resized_20230527_112615
Greetings Again! Resized_20230527_135732


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Life time member
Looking good!  She found a good home.

Present: 1991 K100RS "Moby Brick Too"
1994 K75RT "Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS"
1988 K100RS SE "Special Ed"
1994 K75S "Cheetos"
1992 K100RS "Moby Brick" R.I.P.
1982 Honda FT500
1979 Honda XR185
1977 Honda XL125
1974 Honda XL125
1972 OSSA Pioneer 250
1968 Kawasaki 175

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Greetings Again! 177912 to this forum!



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