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1992 K75 electric windshield, looks the same as K100 and K1100LT.
Windscreen quit working.  checked power to relays, OK.  checked power to motor, OK.  So motor has power but not raising windscreen.
What have I got to loose, maybe its just brushes.  I removed the 3 screws holding motor in place and started to take it apart.  First had to remove the BMW duct tape sealing both ends of motor, likely put there to keep dust out of motor.
Took out the 2 philips screws on drive end of motor and loose nuts fell out.  Lucky to find them.  That allowed the rotor to be withdrawn from the magnets in stator.
The motor wound rotor is still attached to the drive gear so I tried to rotate the rotor and with some resistance it moved and was free.  Put some oil drops around the shaft into the drive gear box, both sides of the gear box.  Motor rotor and gear box now seemed free and rotated easily.
Now to reassemble.  The back of the motor is staked so I carefully bent the stakes to take off the back of the motor.  Had to do this to get at the brushes to pull them back to reinstall the rotor inside the stator.  After the brushes were in place on the rotor I reassembled the staked end and installed the 2 screws holding the gear drive end of the motor casing together.  Took tweezers and a steady hand to hold the loose nuts for the 2 screws.
Did a quick test with 2 leads from a spare battery.  SUCCESS, the motor now rotated.  I only bumped the motor quickly to test as I did not want to mess up any gear synchronization if there is any.
Sprayed contact cleaner on sliding mechanisms, sprayed silicone on slider rods and slider bar and into drive cable ends.  Reinstalled motor with the 3 screws.  Then cleaned the electrical connector plug to motor with deoxit before reinstalling the whole thing back on the bike.
It works!!  Time will tell if it holds up.  I will use it sparingly.  Hope this helps someone else with a similar problem.
Regards, Jerome


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1983 K100 naked upgraded to K100LT spec after spending time as an RS and an RT
1987 K100RT
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