BMW K bikes (Bricks)

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Life time member
Just a little bit of news. But from the following it appears that the IBMWR website is closing down,

All: I’m reaching out to you all on behalf of the group of folks who have been working to keep the IBMWR website (including Marketplace) and mailing lists running.

Given a number of realities, we’ve made the decision to cease active operation of the mailing lists and the Marketplace. We are burdened by aging infrastructure, as well as operating costs which exceed our income. It’s no surprise to any of you, that I note that mailing list traffic has dwindled to a very small fraction of what it had been in the past. Our infrastructure obsolescence and cost issues all revolve around keeping the mailing list server running, dealing with spambots, maintaining a clean reputation as a mail host and all the rest. 

The current plan is to migrate the web content (tech articles, independent mechanics list,  searchable list archives) to another server, so it will not be lost, and can be hosted at no additional cost to the admin (Tom Childers) who already has a web presence for other purposes there. The domain name will remain active, so that change will be transparent. 

Our nominal timeline for this is to wind down operation of the mailing lists on Feb 15th and to make the web transition at the same time (in fact the DNS change to point to the new server will be what kills off the mailing lists). 

On a personal note, it has been a blast - for the most part - over the last 30-ish years. I’ve enjoyed sharing the virtual campfire with all the other Presidents.

Ride safe, ride fast, ride far… just don’t fall off. 

Tom “bookawitz” Coradeschi
k-whiner #1
dickhead #?

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Life time member
Thanks for the heads up. I'm surprised that it has lasted so long. It was a great resource for me back when I first got serious about Ks back in 2000.

Bummer about The Marketplace but good that he's still going to host the other content.

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94 K1100RS
93 K1100LT
91 K1
93 K75S (K11 front end)
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