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Hi All,

'85 K100. Rear brake adjustment. There maybe nothing wrong but I'd like to check. 

I've adjusted part number 12 quite deep into the pedal. I've confirmed dimpled pusher (blue in diagram below) is still there. Brake pads have substantial meat left.
Rear brake adjuster, how deep is too deep in the pedal? Captur10

After final adjustment (where I like the pedal feeling) mine looks like this:
Rear brake adjuster, how deep is too deep in the pedal? 20240314

My question is: Can part number 12 be too deep into the pedal? Does this look ok?

Thanks for the input. Chris



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Life time member
Assuming that the brake works as expected and returns as expected, the answer to that is it depends on how much movement you want in the pedal before the brake starts to bite. That in itself can depnd on your height and seating postion. My K100 rear brakes start to bite after about 10mm of movement in the pedal but the Royal Enfield is set to start its bite almost as soon as you touch it.

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