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tom foley

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Silver member
Where exactly is the meet up north? I might make it. I have camped in Glenariff Forest Park.


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92KK 84WW Olaf

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Life time member
This is the email I received from Jim Ellis in Cork:

It relates to Friday 21st and Saturday 22ns September. By some strange quirk of faith the GS the Rs and the K bikes are all converging...on the Mourne Mountains.

Hi everyone, we thought you might like another weekend of bikes, bbq's and
beer before the year is out so we've decided to organise a little get

We've found a fantastic spot in the Mourne Mountains, Co Down, a clachan of
four self catering cottages, very traditional with excellent facilties.
We've been able to get all four for the weekend, they sleep 20 people
altogether and will cost £20 per person per night, so it's up to you whether
you want one night or two.

The first 20 will obviously get the bed spaces however there is plenty of
floor space so nobody needs to worry about bringing a tent. Each cottage has
a mixture of double, twin and single rooms so let us know which you prefer.
One of the cottages is disabled accessible with a bedroom and en suite on
the ground floor.
All the cottages have fully equipped kitchens, traditional fireplaces with
crook and crane, washing machine, fridge-freezer, central heating, colour TV
and video, clothes drying facilities, garden, garden furniture, 1 bath, 1
shower, 2 toilets, and 2 wash hand basins. Some photos below.

We can get takeaway on the Friday night for those that will been there,
there are pizzerias, kebab shops, chinese and indian takeaways all within a
few miles and a great wee off licence with every strange beer and ale you
can think of. Cars will be available to collect everything.

On the Saturday there will be a ride out around some of the most beautiful
areas of County Down, through two AONB, along the coast and through forests
and mountains. For those of you familiar with the area you know how
spectacular it is. There will also be a stop for lunch on an island, you'll
enjoy that, it's a great place with even better views.

We have a slap up bbq's planned for the Saturday night and hopefully a small
local trade group will provide the entertainment, that is until the drink
kicks in and we all join in. The BBQ will be £10 each.

As the cottages are self catering you will have the facilties to make your
own fry's etc for breakfast if you wish, however we will make sure each
cottage has milk, coffee, bread, butter etc to get you started.

There is also the option to stay on the Sunday night as well for anyone who
fancies a long weekend.

There will also be t-shirts or stickers, hopefully both.

Boirche (Tom) is the main organiser of this weekend, I'm helping arrange the
details so any questions just ask. Please let us know ASAP if you plan on
being there, thanks and hope you can make it!
I am sure we could bunk in here if space available


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Sent: 26 August 2012 11:05
To: Jimmy Ellis
Subject: North trip 21 September

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Life time member
Sounds interesting, Olaf.
Might be a good alternative for the end of September after one of the worst summers for years.
Not as far for you guys to travel either.
Would they allow us to tag along with them?
Maybe you should re post the email on the other thread and get feedback from the others.

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sidecar paul

sidecar paul
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Life time member
Loved your video,88.

With roads like that you can see why Ireland is a centre for 'real' road racing.


'84 K100RS (0014643) (owned since '85), 86 K100RS (0018891) with Martello sidecar (built as an outfit in '88),
'51 Vincent (since '67),'72 Montesa Cota (from new), '87 Honda RS125R NF4 (bought 2015) 
....No CARS never ever!

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I can vouch for the soundness of the Gs crowd, i've met quite a few of them. I'm almost glad now I can't go, cos I wouldn't know wether to bring the K or the GS.


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