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active member
active member
I'm planning on re-spraying my bike, Whilst I've done a bit of spraying in the past but way out of practice. I have a gun and compressor
and am looking now at buying the paint which I believe to be Madison Metallic silver 127/605. Does Any one out there have an idea how much
I'll need to buy and can recommend a good supplier. Do you agree that it'll require primer, base and clear coats.
Would appreciate any advice


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Crazy Frog

Crazy Frog
I had both K bikes repainted with primer/base coat/ clear coat.
I think 1 liter of paint (or 2 pints) was used on each bike. (at the time the cost was $160 a liter).
For the primer and the clear coat, it depend how many coats you want (or have) to put on.
My bikes had 3 coats of clear coat and they are shinny!
I cannot tell you about the quantity of clear coat and primer used as my painter buys it by the gallon.
To give you an idea, the total cost of the supplies per bike (including sand paper) was around $450 (CDN) or 250 British Pounds. The paint is made by Dupont and according to my painter, this is the best product that you can get.



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