BMW K bikes (Bricks)

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A chap goes in to work Monday morning with a black eye, so his colleagues say how did you get the black eye? He tells them he was at Church on Sunday morning and in front of him was a rather large lady who when she stood up had her dress tucked into the crease between her buttocks and a couple of young boys were giggling and pointing at this.

Being a good Samaritan he reached forward and pulled the dress out of the gap whereupon she spins round and whacks him with her fist and won't listen to any explanation telling him not to touch her dress.

Next week he comes in to work on Monday and he has the other eye blacked and the guys say what happened this time. He says "Well the woman was in front of me again and when she stood up I noticed she had not got her dress tucked in and knowing from last Sunday that she liked her dress tucked in that way I tucked it in for her, and she hit me again"


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