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I resisted the temptation to head this topic "choke" lever as there are more than a few people who get a tad annoyed with that expression. Very Happy

By accident I managed to modify my lever so that it is completely variable. While removing the handlebars I had to dismantle the fast idle mechanism and of course dropped what I assume is a ball bearing that provides the detent. Could not find it of course and found a similar sized one in a collection of odds and sods we all keep. Seemed to do the trick as the spring was still there and fitted nicely in the little hole it is supposed to recess into but was obviously the wrong shape or size as it became too stiff to close the lever.

On closer inspection the part inside the mechanism providing the detent is not fixed but just "sits there" and is very easily removed and once done provides a fully variable system which from my point of view much more useable.




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Don't worry about that "choke" bit - it says so clearly on its cap. Fast Idle Lever Icon_twisted

Greetings from Florida! Having a 'new' K  :cyclops:    Surprised-o: 


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