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Silver member
Wasn't sure where to post this but here seems as appropriate as any.91 K100RS 16 valve

After almost two years of no 2 wheel rides, I am back on the bike. Truck is down and the fever has reemerged.
New battery and it runs. Then the problems begin.....
False neutral no starts. Head light go's out under 1500 rpm. Blinkers crazy and no self cancel. Sputtery.
Found if I tapped end of starter all would be good for a second or two.

I couldn't find it during my ill tempered , impatient search but recalled a post from one of the forum heroes discussing the fact that K's ground through the starter.
Pulled tank,  comp, battery and box and starter. Dismantled starter and cleaned. Brushes looked good. Lot of black carbon looking crud in both ends. Went through ground on frame under tank, at starter and trans next to starter. About two & a half hours.

Lights are perfect now. Blinkers work and self cancel. Fan still doesn't come on but cool enough as long as I don't idle too long. Rig a switch later. (Fan switches through "brain" ground. Another great bit from a reg here.)

When I came back here to look for starter info, I saw many having similar problems and thought this might be helpful. 
Also mainly wanted to thank the regs for so much good information and a source that has kept me running many, many times.



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Life time member
Great to hear that the wealth of knowledge on this forum continues to have benefits for people, as it has for me.

Thanks for sharing the goods news about the resurrection.



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Two Wheels Better

Two Wheels Better
Welcome back, and thanks for the freshen up post about the starter motor often being the culprit in a lot of 'electrical gremlin' posts. As It's been said before many times, starter motor maintenance outta be a requirement at 25,000 mile intervals. It cured my old K's electrical weirdness when I first bought it. That's just one of the things I like about these bikes; they have very identifiable issues that are relatively easily fixed, and they go on and on and on, like many of the posters here on the forum, myself included.


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