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Jan E.

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Need to order new con rod bearings for my K1100rs -96.
How to determent what colour and STUFE level on the con rod bearings?
I cannot find any colour code anywhere in my engine to tell what bearing size that was fitted. (engine has never been opened before).
Can not find anything in the BMW service manual either.
And there is no numbers or markings on any of the bearings, rods or bolts Crying or Very sad,0532_&diagId=11_1771
Anyone know where to find what dimension on the 3 different colour of bearings? That way it would be easy to measure what colour I need. Local BMW dealer did not know.


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Checked RSD (BMW's tech manual) and no love there either. The range of allowable dimensions are listed, however. Perhaps you need to have them available. The difficulty is in knowing which colour is the requisite dimension.


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