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Bought a Mystic Red 1995 K75RT last July and have enjoyed every minute spent riding it. I hadn't been on two wheels since 1971, but it all came back to me ....eventually!
I live near Preston in Lancashire so I have easy access to the Yorkshire dales, Lake District and the Trough of Bowland, all great biking areas.
The bike is off the road at the moment, I had to be rescued a couple of weeks ago when it died in the middle of nowhere.
I spent a couple of weeks messing about with it but gave up in the end and gave it to a professional.
No resolution as yet but he's only had it for two weeks!
If I get it back before winter sets in I hope to get a few autumnal rides in, then I'm going to repair a crack in the fairing and have it re-sprayed ready for spring.


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Born Again Eccentric

Born Again Eccentric
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Welcome Grahame - great to hear you are back to bikes after a sizeable break, but sorry to hear that she died on you during a ride. I guess it is always a risk...and that's why breakdown cover is a useful (essential) addition to the insurance package.

Beware the "professional". Not all bike mechanics know or understand K's, so it could prove to be unnecessarily expensive and/or take too long. Your best bet would be to put up a new post in the technical section and give as much detail of the symptoms and other factors that you experienced at the time of the breakdown as well as detailing anything that you tried once you got her home. If you include your VIN etc. in your signature block, that will help other members focus in on your specific model too.

Common bike stopping failures are Hall Effect Sensors (use the search engine - lots of posts on these stopping bikes when hot), starter motor and battery issues. There could be any other reasons too (fuel related). Your description of your symptoms will help other focus you in on the real problem and then either you can get your bike back and fix her yourself or at least point your mechanic in the right direction. You can get new Hall effect sensors from the likes of James Sherlock (about £270), but obviously you don't want to buy stuff at that price if you don't need it.

Anyway, welcome - hope it all works out OK

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92KK 84WW Olaf

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I would agree with that is said before.

I also add be very careful of professionals as there is much on the K that is very easily sorted without spending much money. Most are only familiar with current model bikes which they repair with new man dealer parts at big prices and never experience older bikes and their ways. Many breakdowns on the K can be sorted very simply so don't rush into anything.

A few questions.....

When you switch on ignition do ALL warning lights come on? If not what lights don't come on?
State of battery?
Does it turn over?
Does it turn over and run at all?
Does it have ABS?

As an example I was over with a friend one day who is an ex BMW guy and knows Ks well. He had a K75 there which wouldn't run and was driving the owner mad. He asked me to look at it and fairly quickly discovered the connection to the injection control unit under the seat was loose and would kill the engine. Took it off, cleaned it and refitted it and this time tightened the screw that kept the connection together. Problem solved with no parts needed. If a replacement unit was needed its cheap from the used parts specialists. The likes of Motorworks Motobins and James Sherlock are well respected and just shop around for what you need.

I had a similar episode on the RT and it was the electrical connection to the fuel tank. Again, no parts but needed to know where to look.

Other things can be the effect of some previous neglect, fuel filter being blocked and no fuel getting through.
Start a thread for it and post it up. We like challenges too.

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Thanks for your help,I've posted the problem up on the forum.

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