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Silver member
Hi everyone

Time has finally punished me! After laughing at posts over the years relating to disintegrated rubber saddles for the fuel pump in the tank my disintegrated and has blocked the pump.

However, my question is: what to use to clean of/off all the black goo. I have tried methylated spirits, mineral turpentine, degreaser but no result.

Some of the posts refer to carby cleaner. Some to kerosine. I have got some "gum remover" which is a citrus oil which is good for the residue from self adhesive labels etc.

Any thoughts on the black goo remover?


Cable Beach WA


Rick G

Rick G
Hi Mal haven't seen you round for a while, you must be enjoying the riding.

I found the best stuff is the carb cleaner Nulon is what I use.  Thinners will do the job as well but from my experience not quite as well as in it needs more elbow grease.

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I had to do this to the GF's K75 when I bought it for her.

How's the sun in WA this time of year?

I emptied the tank and set it in the hot Texas sun for a day or two, and lots of the goo dried up and could be knocked loose with a small toothbrush-sized wire brush.

I then used a vacuum cleaner (pulled from a dumpster and repaired for less than 10 dollars Laughing ) and various hoses of decreasing size taped with duct tape to fit in the tank and clean the loose stuff out.

I honestly don't remember exactly which solvent I used on the remainder, but I just did the fuel filter on the bike last week, and there is still lots of black stains in the tank. Doesn't effect the running, 'cause none of it can come loose and enter the pump.


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