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I have a 1983 K100RS that I have or am in the process of converting to a trike.

The trike converrsion is done, the entire back end is now finished and I have yet to sort the front end out, and move the footpegs forward.

I have to move the footpegs forward about a foot or so. The actual distance is not too important, but the position they are in, is simply not possible for my legs to be able to use them. ( Im disabled - hence the need to trike it ) my knees simply dont bend enough.

Is there a kit or anything similar that will allow me to do this, or does it need to be a custom job?

If custom, then can anyone offer me any idea on how best to approach the job?

As for the handlebars, I am currently stuck with the useless RS bars and for a trike, the only advantage they give me, is a huge workout every time I try to use the trike, and so I am in the need of bars that will allow me to sit in a more upright position, and get a bit of extra leverage and so the bars are not a worry, I can get any number of ideas on that, but the issue I am facing, is really the cables etc... I need to find some cables to help me extend the bars.

Again, any suggestions on this?

The wiring can be done in a horrid and cheesy way of simply snipping and soldering ( or crimping ) a small length of wire to accomodate the extra few inches that the bars will need, but the clutch, choke, throttle cables etc, now they are different.
I had thought of just getting hold of the RT cables, but how much extra does this give me? Would it just be worth sourcing entirely new cables from somewhere? where?

Any ideas on any of this, would be fantastic.

Thank you in advance!



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On the bars I would suggest first trying RT/LT bars. That will be the easiest (and probably least expensive) route.

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rt lt cables should be easy to find from, all the usual places.
youll probably need the slightly longer intermediate hydraulic line from master cylinder to top of forks as well

have you looked at any of the rearset variations for brake and gearchange ...there may be a solution to getting the pegs further forward   but at about a foot in front gets you in an awkward place as far as mounting points ..

perhaps you could mount a small subframe around the motor for this ?

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If you're up in Colwyn Bay, do you know any of the Conwy & District MCC? They're a decent bunch and eyes on the ground may produce some good ideas for the forward sets.

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Yes, the RT option is by far the cheapest way to do it.

I am almost definitely going to have to go this route, not only because it will be the easiest and cheapest, but because I wont need any custom cabling will I - just stock RT stuff!

Conwy MCC?

No, but I do often go to the Whistlestop and I have not had the chance to go for quite a while now because I have been in and out of hospital with the latest round of operations on my leg and bum.

I will definitely ask them there for some info on it for sure.

Cheers guys.


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