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I just wanted to give a heads up on the BMU if it has seased.

I had some kind of failure in the BMU on my K75 -89. The red warning light stayed lit after pressing the brake levers.

I opened the box and found that there were just a few components that could be culprit.

The problem was to find a reseller of the components since the IC's seems to be unavailable in US or Europe. I found them on a Chineese website and gave it a try.

The components i ordered was:
Transistor: BC517
IC: CD4011
IC: ULN2455A

Since the cost was less than 4$ I was willing to take a chance on this.

Surprisingly they arrived by mail after about 1 month, so I removed the old parts and put the new ones in place. This fixed the problem :-)

So if you don't want to spend a fourtune on a replacement BMU, this can be a possibility.

Kind regards


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Thanks for sharing Swarulf, it's examples like this that help everyone on the forum. People who are confident enough in a skill set to have a go at repairs and get the right outcome.

Now that you have identified the parts anyone could purchase them and have them fitted by someone with the right skills if they could not do it themselves.


1990 K75 6427509; 1987 R80G/S PD 6292136; 2010 G650GS ZW13381; 95 K1100LT 0232224

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Good work Swarulf!

K100RS 1986 RED!

Dress for the ride and the potential slide.

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