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I have been trying to chase down an ABS problem for the last 4 months.
MY 93 K1100RS has been laid up for most of the last 2 years whilst I recovered from multiple surgeries on my left arm and shoulder arising from a superman impersonation after hitting a very large kangaroo on my trail bike.
The original error code was 4 - rear brake sensor.
I swapped the front and rear sensor under tank wiring over. The fault code did not change to the front sensor (3).
I exchanged several emails with Tosi Tabu in Japan and he convinced me that the ABS brain was faulty.
As Christmas was fast approaching and I had set myself a mental milestone to get back on the horse (bike) by then, I ordered a "refurbished" ABS 1 brain rather than having mine repaired.

It turned up a week later.
But no matter what I tried, I couldn't get the new ABS unit to reset (it kept on flashing code 7).
I followed all the instructions on Tosi's Webpage to the letter .
The battery is fine - Odyssey PC680.
I had a friend, who is a retired electrical engineer, test numerous circuits on the bike.
We found that the ABS dash switch wasn't the best, so a new one was sourced from Motoworks.
Tosi was of not much help in the matter.
His emails seemed to infer that I was incompetent and to have someone else look at the bike wiring.
Eventually, the ABS unit was sent back to him.

Tosi confirmed that it displayed a code 7 error, but that he was able to reset it.
I had to pay the return postage to Japan as well as a postage and handling fee to get the ABS unit returned to me.
Tosi stated that I should just reinstall it and ride the bike.
Tosi also stated
Instead of many mail exchange I introduce you a K bike forum where many OZ riders belong to. .You can post as many question as you like and people there will answer you.

I know a person who has many K bikes and know very well about them.
He is around 200 km away from your residence so he or you may ride up to the place and study how to error reset as hands on training.

Well, the returned unit still shows a code 7 error when reinstalled in my bike.
I cannot get it to reset (clear the code) either!

I'm at my wit's end as to where to proceed now.
It's hard enough trying to recover from my injuries.
My kids want me to give up bikes.
But I hang on.

I'm posting this both in the frame and the electrical section of the forum as they both seem to have ABS related questions.


Ipswich, Queensland


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