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Hi Everyone,

I can see the Acewell 2853 has been dealt with a lot and I have gathered electrical diagrams, advice and technical know how to get me to this point. I have the Acewell powered up using rbarrero wiring diagram.

I have the start enable from Robmack which I have no doubt is correct and I have wired it up according to the manual. I believe a few people have used this start enable relay with no problems so its definitley installers error Laughing

K-BIKE               Robmack RELAY
Black/Green  -     Purple  
Yellow/white -      White
Yellow/black -      Black
Yellow/blue -       Blue
Brown( Earth )-   Brown
Green/black 6  -  Red.......the Green/black was already taken up by the Acewell so I have spliced off it 
Purple off the Acewell  ( Neutral ) to the Green ( neutral on the relay )

Just pointing out,

This was an ABS model which I have stripped out, so have I left something from that set up that could interfere with the start enable relay ? or leaving the ABS relay in would effect it ?

I don't have the fuel tank hooked up but this should'nt effect the bike trying to turnover ?

At the moment Acewell powers up with oil light neutral etc, press starter and Flasher relay clicks and the Acewell slightly dims, tried the same with the clutch in and exactly the same , clicking flasher relay and slight dim on Acewell.

At the bottom is the Acewell diagram so any help/advice so I can ride this beauty would be much appreciated,

Had a lot of messing around for the right tyres due to size of front wheel and wanting a pair of tyres not two differing brands, so anyone doing the same project the Pirelli MT60rs tyres are real nice front and rear, very few options given wheel sizes.

And for those who are seeing a stripped down K100 and shedding a tear, this bike had been dropped many times down a gravel road that lead down to previous owners shed. It had been left for mud daubers to create family homes on and in by PO. Spent first hours on this bike vacuuming nests out the framework  Sad so in my opinion she has had a new lease of life albeit a scrambler. Smile 



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