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Hello from Timor-Leste! 
I got a 1983 K100 from an Australian who brought it here years ago. I've been trying to make it work and here is the trouble:
When I push the start button I got the ground signal from the ignition module to the ignition relay but when I release the button it doesn't keep the ground signal and cut the injection.
There's also no output ground from the EFI computer box to injectors. I already tested the EFI computer and it's working fine. Any ideas?
Jose Reali


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Rick G

Rick G
Test the hall sensors it sounds like them. the earth will only remain for 1.5 seconds or if the engine is running and it gets signals from the hall sensors.
I nearly forgot to say Hi to you.

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Bikes 1999 K1100 LT with a Big Block 1200

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