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I traced a non functioning fuel pump to a lack of continuity on the pump +ve through the sender plate.

As it's a sealed for life affair and many ££s to replace, I thought there was nothing to loose by trying to repair it.

So I gouged out most of the epoxy from the nylon cup underneath and drilled through the last bit just large enough to take a copper roofing nail (to act as my terminal)

Anyway, the reason for this post is to show what the inside of the cup looks like. If anyone is attempting similar, maybe you'd make less mess if you knew what was in there before diving in.

Terminals, clockwise from 12o clock (earth)

-earth, brown
-pump +be
-level signal, yellow
-level signal, white

All works off the bike and the nylon cup refilled with resin.

Hopefully with some good petrol proof sealabt on the inside, it'll hold fuel...repairing tank sender continuity issue (attempt) Img_2012


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