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I’ve just gone out to take my Motobrick for a ride and she didn’t start, after a few attempts I could smell fuel, I then realised fuel is steadily dripping from the exhaust when start button is pressed.

I went to grab my multimeter and the trouble starting guide, dropped the multimeter and smashed the screen... I’ve ordered a new one.

In the meantime I pulled the vacuum hose that connects between throttle body #4 and the bottom of the fuel pressure regulator to check for a presence of fuel, it was dry so I suspect there isn’t a diagram leak in the FPR.

Is there anything else I can do in the interim without a multi meter? I have relays and such like from my other bike that I can swap over in a process of elimination.

Thanks in advance.




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Life time member
Mine did that to me.

Cause: A prior owner had left the wire clip off of the temp sensor in the coolant pipe coming off the front of the cylinder head and the temp sensor's connector had fallen off.  Put a clip on it and connected it again. 
Problem solved.

I'd check that connection.

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That connection suffers from a lot of road crud and water. Give it a good clean and smear silicone grease around the connector, it helps keeps the crap out.
Regards Martin.

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