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I didn't end up sliding the gear box back as it was last done 30,000k's ago. Got the seal and shaft clip overnight from Munich WA. Clip was a bit of a pain to fit but it went in eventually. I cleaned and lubed the GPI switch with LPS 1 in sonic bath. The 17 year old Plasti Dip was still in really good condition but as the LPS 1 had softened it I redid it. I also cleaned and packed the swing arm bearings and resealed the overflow tank sight glass which had a weep. I then checked and replaced the front brake pads.

I made a final drive plate up at home and we managed to cobble together the tool for the pinion ring at the Trades Guild. The hot air gun couldn't get it hot enough so we used a blow torch to get it up to temperature. The pinion ring spanner worked, but the plate could do with a modification to stop the final drive rotating. It took from 0730 to 1200 to make the tool and undo the ring and the nut. Went back to the Trades Guild this morning and it only took around an hour to get it all tightened up. Not as much heat required to assemble didn't use the blow torch just two heat guns. Took an hour to get it back on the road. 

Took it for a brief ride  down the highway and gave it a bit of a burst to check the wheel balance which is fine. Didn't have time to fully scrub in the tyre or bed in the brakes. This is my second Michelin Pilot Activ and they don't seem to be as greasy as tyres of old. I do however wipe them down with alcohol before using them. I don't know whether doing this helps. So off on a short Brick ride tomorrow with a couple of mates. Final Drive Seal and associated bits. 723598
Regards Martin.

1992 K75s

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