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Hi all,
I created this account a bit ago when searching to fix my speedo led me here.

I've since run into another issue, where my bike isn't starting well. Running only when the starter is pressed, but dies instantly if throttle is applied or I remove my finger from ther starter.

I've followed Georgew50's and Bert's walkthroughs and am led to try to find a verified working ECU or test my ECU.



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Welcome Tyrone Smile

Sure the fuelpump works?
Or, if the sparkplugs are wet, tempsensor ok?

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Thank you for the welcome Arlina!

Not sure. Pulled the rail and it was squirting when I hit the starter. However fp doesn't run when key in on position, kill switch off, and starter button depressed.
I want to jump the fp relay to determine which side of the relay circuit to look into. Fuel pump side or switch side.

Throttle switch reads 0v at ecu when idle. This shouldn't affect it, but I have a spare and will try with that tonight or tomorrow.

The temp sensor read 3.19k Ohm at 12 C, which is along the curve that Bert posted in his writeup.

Lastly I want to go over all of the grounds when I get back to the bike.

Sounds like I wasn't very thorough in my initial dignostics, so I'll go over the list one more time, but slowly, since that was not the case the first time.

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