BMW K bikes (Bricks)

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Hello everyone, 

been a while I've been asked to work on these as NLA, so now they are in the shop

K1100RS fairing stickers both MY1992 and MY1995 are here K1100r10
1992-1994 K1100RS
Clear background and available in light grey, grey and gold-looking yellow (no metallic colours, sorry)

K1100RS fairing stickers both MY1992 and MY1995 are here K1100r11
1995-1996 K1100RS
Comes with application film to keep all elements in the right location when fitting.
(it is also possible to have the black text in foreground and hot "holed")

Many other -if not all- stickers that appeared on your K series bike available, including the starter and alternator.

Happy to arrange a discount for you members of this great forum, please contact me first:
shop@ ... you guess it Smile

Thanks for your attention and support through the years

1976 Moto Morini 3 1/2 GT, 1980 BMW R100T, 1986 BMW K100RS

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