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Yet another BEP + Cheap eBay speedo issue.

Everything on the speedo works, including starting without clutch being pulled in, gears, neutral indicator, hi beam, etc.

The only things that don't work are the RPM and speedo.

I've followed all of the various threads on here and motobrick including creating a circuit for the tacho - I used this 0.15uF 250VDC capacitor and this Through Hole 400mW 2.2Kohms to no avail. I've also gone into the settings menu and changed it to 4 cylinders and set the diameter/speed value to 8 based on info I saw in another thread around the diameter and number of sensors (6).

I'm more confused by the lack of speed working. With the bike on the center stand and putting it into first and giving it some gas, I get nothing. Based on this thread here on k100 forums) it seems like the SPD output from the BEP should directly to the "speed signal" wire on the 3 pin connector (and ignoring the power/ground pins on that same connector) and nothing else should be needed. I've done that, but the speed still doesn't move.

I did notice while poking around with my multimeter that the speed power line on the 3 pin connector from the speedo has ~5v which I would expect, the white signal line seems to be outputting 10v which doesn't make a lot of sense to me?


1988 K75C

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