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Hello all

These last months I have been making an electronic device that converts the injection of the K75 into sequential injection

As you know, the 3 injectors of the K75 inject gasoline at the same time. With this device, the injections are distributed throughout the cycle so that each cylinder sees the injection at the same time.
It also has a manifold air pressure (MAP) transmitter that has two functions: stop injecting during decelerations (the K75 swithch is no longer necessary) and change the injection duration according to the depression at all times.
The MAP also allows  to see in which of the 2 crankshaft turns of a cycle it is time to inject (the injection pulses do not give information about this, but the vacuum does).

My idea is to make all this case someone can be interested in replicating this

I have it mounted the secuenciator on my K75. I don't think consumption will change too much since the injection pulses "are similar" in duration... I'm still seeing it, a precise measurement requires some kilometers...

As a background: I think the injection of the K75 "derives" from the K100. In any case, each turn of the crankshaft the same pulse is injected into the 3 injectors. Note that there is a cylinder aspiration every 2 turns of the crankshaft. And that they are also 3 cylinders... it really is a curious configuration and it works super well, seeing how really strange it is. I think on the other hand that in this case a sequential injection, in addition to being more difficult (mathematically) can be more beneficial (although, again, the standard injection works really well)

I put the information in the following repository:


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Two Wheels Better

Two Wheels Better
Thank you for making an introduction post, however, coming after this first post. I have moved it to a more appropriate section of the forum, that of a How To - telling others how to do a specific job or modification.

The link you posted does not arrive anywhere - dead ends with "The transfer you requested has been deleted".

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