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So the process of getting my K100 back on the road has started. Local BMW specialists were able to clean up the spark plug thread so that is my major issue solved. 

Got to replace the fuel hose and missing injector clips as a priority, plus some injector leads and one of the coil packs. Still got to patch the leaking tank too.

Lower on the priority list are:
- Headlight glass 
- Oil leak from clutch boot
- Replace fork seals
- Check final drive rear bearing
- Replace rear tyre (the one it is brand new but is an 80 profile)

The one problem stumping me at the moment is the rear brake master cylinder. It is missing all the parts from the lever end. I was going to buy another but they seem to be NLA. Might have to try and get a kit and hope the rest of it is ok. Does anyone know anywhere likely to still have stock?

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Nothing wrong with an 80 profile tyre on the rear.

But I would look at the date, if over 5 years old bin it.

I must admit some of my Ks came with Lasertecs on and I found them to be absolutely lethal. I personally wold not even use a new one.

Lots of different tyres out there but I and many others use Bridgestone Battlax BT45/46. They are great in all weathers and I love them as a wet weather tyre.

For the rear master cylinder they all die with age due to bad seals, bad pistons and/or bad bore. There are BMW repair kits available. You can get Chinese eBay replacements or used ones from places like and more.

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naut023 wrote:

Got to replace the fuel hose and missing injector clips as a priority, plus some injector leads ..

The clips, leads (and I think even the injectors) you can get at the wreckers from a Hyundai Excel '94-'98, plus a lot of other brands.

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