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Head lamp going funny  2410925020

Hi guys new to the forum and not a pro but so far I have fixed all my problems with my Krs 100 1988 for the past 5 years.Head lamp going funny  652573

This time it is electrical and I need HHHHHHHHHHelp.Head lamp going funny  259495

High beam lamp warning on the dash board.

My head lamp is too strong and there is a negligible difference with the high beam!!! All the cars complaining !!! fair enough:oops: .

When I push the handlebar button Parking lamp Ok If I push further, warning lamp on dash board goes on even when I am supposed to be on low beam and not on high beam.

I have changed the lamp in case it was on his way out but same thing:evil: .

It starts when I had problem with my starter motor. I cleaned the brushes put back and she started like in a dream Head lamp going funny  723598 but the head lamp went funnyHead lamp going funny  61740 . Is the two could be connected

Any suggestions.Head lamp going funny  314114 Thank for looking Head lamp going funny  2854237993


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hi nizza .....welcome mate

there is a design problem with headlamps and the over wattage type lamps we like to install ...

the switch gear (read wiring and switches ) do fine with "standard " design ratings ...but the wiring is only rated for this ....we have seen the insulation being stripped from the wiring (and causing all sorts of problems ) from the extra heating effect of the current going to these ."over rated " headlights on many occasions .

may i offer a couple of suggestions .

firstly the connector on the actuall headlamp could be corroded ...or suffering from the dreded heating affect of the extra temps that higher wattage globes produce ...the replacement connnections are easily obtained ...but the "best option " is to replace with a ceramic type plug

undo the tank and check the multipole connectors going to each handle bar .....what you are looking for initially is any sign of heating effect on the insulation of the cables ....and the connectors in there.

we have found that "deoxit" is the prefered electrical connector cleaner for all sorts of issues (available from jaycar here in aussie )

over time the switch contacts in the switch assemblies ( both sides ) could corrode up ...become brittle (heating effect and general corrosion ) and may need a good clean .

but caution should be observed when attacking the switches ...lots of small bits that could fly off and never found again ,

what im reading in your description that the bulb monitoring circuit is being activated durring operation of the main headlamps

this could be caused by voltage drop and dirty connections to the rear taillamp assemblies i would recommend a good clean of the tail lamp and its associated spade type lugs in and around the lamp holders there ......also a good idea to change the bulb for the same wattage and clean up the spring loaded contacts that make the connection to the globe .
dont forget that the little "parkers" globe ..just above the headlight assembly is a commonly overlooked part of the lighting circuits and should be at a minimum cleaned connections and replace the globe .

many of us have installed extra wiring and relays to bypass the switch functions for the head lamps being affected ... well so that they still work but are carrying only relay current for the switching to the relays now ...

we have found some positive results from this ....and if you want to continue with the brighter lamps i really recoment this "upgrade "

there are lots of threads refering to this throughout the forum ....just look up "relays" with the search feature

hope this help somewhat

good luck

if you need extra help we are conducting a "workshop" get together on the 14th of april up in kingaroy and im sure of the guys attending we could help point in the right directions to the fix or assistance at a minimum

cheezy grin whilst riding, kinda bloke ....oh the joy !!!! ...... ( brick aviator )

'86 K100 RT..#0090401 ..."Gerty" ( Gertrude Von Clickandshift ) --------O%O
'86 k100 rs.. #######..  "Fred " (f(rame) red ) ( Fredrick leichtundschnell ) - -
bits and pieces from many kind friends across the k100 world ...with many thanks ..
1987 k100rs ########   "Red"  - (red sports rs TWB style )
1989 K100rt #009637   "Black Betty"  (naked rt ala Nigel , now sporting an rs main fairing )

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If you are not totally confident on electrics and want to put in a headlight relay which many of us have done, Jim at Eastern Beaver (Google) has a kit which works excellently and he has a kit with a high temperature bulb holder so you can run a high wattage bulb without any worries. He is based in Japan but postage from him is extremely fast and the quality of his kits is top notch.


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Hi Guys a huge thanks for the advice you both giving me . sunny

Now I will have to digest and comprehend the lot a bit better. Head lamp going funny  8157

Due to my work I am going to be very busy over Easter and I won’t have the time to tackle the problem yet. I will have to be a pain for others for a few more days.

I will probably come back to you if I lost myself in the wirings but I will certainly tell you the end bits.

I would have loved to come to the work shop but I am working all day on the 14 Th April.

Cheers keep safeHead lamp going funny  292303


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