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In case you missed it today's (12 May) Sunday Times has an article about some problem's re tank slapping on the machine.
Possibly previous models rather than current, but an interesting read all the same


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I think that it's specifically the new WC model. It makes reference (I believe) to Kevin Ash's fatal crash on the Press launch in South Africa.

There's been some chatter about front-end instability on some other forums since the launch. It seems to be bit of a pattern with new GS models, the 1200 was certainly less planted than the 1100/1150 but that was never considered much more than a side effect of the (claimed) weight loss.

I've not bothered riding the WC. I'm a long-term fan of the GS having had a few beginning with an early Paralever R100GS. My R1150GSA had a claimed 85bhp and that was about 10bhp more than it really needed. Besides, it was the best looking GS ever:

Interesting article re R1200GS in Sunday Times GS%20018-L



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Two Wheels Better
I've ridden the K50 R1200GS water boxer. I found it to be quite stable over the road, off trailside berms, and when wheelying out of roundabouts. The engine has gobs of torque, is very smooth, shifts effortlessly with a 'snick' into gear as compared to the solid and satisfying thunk of some earlier Oilheads, and spins more readily to high revs. I can't wait to see it in the 2014 RT and other more street-oriented models. The chassis is stable, the exhaust note low and rumbly, the ergos comfortable (and the seat easily adjustable), but for me it's all about the fantastic new 92kW (125hp) and 125Nm (92ft-lb) engine, which is both a highlight and a delight when you give it some stick.

I've heard of a few murmurs online about instability and perhaps this issue might have been a factor in Mr Ash's accident, but if it is it's being kept relatively low profile.

In my opinion BMW have nailed another beaut on the head as they did with the S1000RR and the K1600 series.

Interesting article re R1200GS in Sunday Times Imag0710


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From the MCN site; riding offroad comes off and is tragically hit by another rider.

been in touch with contacts in SA. Kevin crashed off road, got up and
was hit by the following rider. This probably isn't the time or place to
get into a debate about the new GS's abilities off road but it does
highlight the fact that this class of machine is essentially a sports
tourer in adventure drag: no 21 inch front wheel, over 200 kilos and so
on. BMW withdrew all the launch bikes for technical examination as one
would expect and again, as one would expect, are not commenting. There
will of course be an inquest. We're all vulnerable, irrespective of age
or experience, and that is the bottom line."

I guess a tank slapper is posible but there would look to be more likely causes based on this info?


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I had the dubious pleasure of experiencing a tank slapper many years ago, at 70mph, without coming off.

The experience remains vivid, most importantly the realisation that such things usually end up one way- on the ground and hit by a following vehicle [I was on a dual carriageway].

There is a huge difference between coming off as a result of a tank slapper and the other alternative of dropping the bike and being hit by a following rider.

We ended up with a tragedy here, but thoughts must go to the family of someone no longer with us and also to the rider coming from behind.

Over 200kg off road is serious stuff, especially as the weight is up quite high and some of it very far forward. Has the boundary been pushed too far?

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