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Silver member
Hello for all of you!

Here i am again looking for help! Question

Yesterday when i stop the bike and turn the key of the lights still on.

They only turn of when i turn the right hand switch to the position 0. 

Today i have dismantle the right hand switch and i think it´s ok. The contacts are good and it works fine.

Then i tried the ignition, and when i turn the ignition for first position the minimum light turns on and when the key goes to second position the minimum light turns off.

So i thin it´s ok too.

Even if i cut the power to the bike with the swith of the right hand the lights never turn off. I have always the lights on and  the lights of tacho are on too.

What do you think it could be? What should i do first?

Thank you!

Good curves


Inge K.

Inge K.
I would guess your load shedding relay have welded its contacts together.
Try to give a few gentle taps with the handle of a screwdriver.
If that don't help, the relay can be opened...and the contacts pulled apart
(and when it's open you can clean the contacts with some fine emery paper).

Lights always on, even without key!  Relebo10

Inge K.
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Life time member
I find the total opposite myself.
I usually find that once I get going in the morning, fuel up and prepared, and I am on the move, 
I still have forgotten something.

but then once I am  out at the garage and turn the key in the trusty old K , lights come on. idea2

welcome aboard Abbocath, you're in good hands already, Inge is on the job . 
hope you get sorted, and enjoy this forum.

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Lights always on, even without key!  10_x_110


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Silver member
Hi GroverK, this is my favourite forum for the K´s! I have already learn huge of motorcycles in here!

Anda thank you very much Inge for your help!

Today was the day i have a time to look for the relay!

As you say, with a gentle taps on it, the lights were okay. But when it passes a fez minutes on the problem return to the same.

Then i take it of and pass a fine emery paper on contacts and now it seems working okay!

Now i will ride for more days and than i will tell how it has.

Its probably they fail again? Should we replace the relay for a new one? Can we repair it?

Thank you once more!

Have here three pictures of it!

Lights always on, even without key!  A11

Lights always on, even without key!  B10

Lights always on, even without key!  C10

Good Curves



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Silver member

The relay fail again and the lights are again lit when i turn the key and the motor stops.

Please tell me, is this the relay i need?
Part No.76900
BMW Part No.
61 31 1 373 585

Thank you


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