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Long time since I've posted, but I've been very busy with work and the bike has been in pieces!  I tore the back end off the bike after I serviced the transmission to find out that it was leaking badly from the input shaft seal.  I would be more than happy to share my experience with this work as the maintenance manual suggests to split the transmission case to R&R this seal.  I did not subject myself that that trouble and was successfully able to do the replacement with the case in tact (I did damage the first seal I attempted to use and had to purchase a replacement Embarassed)  No leaks to report after extensive test riding!

I was also debating the replacement of the engine rear main seal while I had the bike apart.  After much deliberation and recommendations from this forum I decided only to replace the output shaft o-ring.  Very easy to do and found the old one was dry, brittle, and had a flat spot.  Hence the oil leak!  After replacing with the new o-ring I have not seen a spot of oil leak from the bike. 

The clutch was dry and in decent shape with plenty of lining left on it for now so thanks for the advice to get at this instead of wait until it saturates with oil and becomes useless!

I did a 50 mile test ride today, and those of you who have read my previous posts will remember my coolant overheat that resulted in a deluge on my leg while stopped in traffic.  I did install a manual fan switch against the advice of many just to have as a manual test or to nurse the bike home.  I am still working on troubleshooting if I have a problem with my sensor.  I'm leaning towards thinking I never had an overheat and may have had an air bubble or an overfilled radiator Sad

Oh and the bike got a rear brake rebuild, brake line replacement, bonus spline lube, extensive corrosion treatment/prevention, new hardware, and general cleaning/re-grease while I was at it! 

She's back to being my daily commuter (30 miles round trip to and from work) and I will continue to work on my never ending project bike!  I'd be happy to share more about my experience if anyone is interested. 

All of this work could have easily been accomplished in one weekend with a friend, but I did everything by myself and had a couple of weeks waiting on parts delivery.


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good to hear ...

ride well and enjoy


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