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After a day lay off i started to remove the fuel tank on my recently acquired K100RT, I disconnected the fuel return hose and petrol started pissing out all over the engine and floor, it just would not stop. I  fumbled around and replaced the hose but must have lost a litre of fuel over the engine and floor.
After draining then removing the tank, I unscrewed the fuel return nipple. There was no valve as in item 19 below.
Apart from being a PITA to remove the tank, is the lack of a non return valve likely to cause other issues.
PS sorry about formatting, done on ipad

19[b][b][b][b][b][b] 16 12 1 455 348


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many have removed the return valve it rattles to a certain degree during operation .

just carry a piece of hose about a foot long ...plug it into the fuel outlet and return line to form a bridge ....very little fuel loss if you know its going to happen and prepare for it ..

hope that helps

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Cannot see the diagram. I use wooden golf tee's to plug the fittings when removing the tank. However, I must cut one tee short to fit just below spring-loaded valve on the forward fitting. ⭐


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