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Das Bitchz

Das Bitchz
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Hi Folks,

I just removed my transmission from my K100RS/1, one of the fork for second gear was damaged) and many suggest that I should redo m clutch while I'm there!...I had no problems with the clutch it was tight and not slipping, therefore I have a question for the folks that had a similar experience.
Some oil was dripping from the transmission case, there is an small outlet under the transmission and it was dripping from that place. from my knowledge it was dripping transmission oil!

Anyway, needless to say that my clutch housing interior was covered with oil and this is why I'm questioning myself...if oil was dripping? was it dripping from the clutch seal?

Need some input to take a decision do I remove the clutch or not?...what would you do?

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most commonly 
 oil seeps from the output shaft out of the motor  and accumulates at the bottom of the clutch housing ...and out the breather - drain hole

can happen at 2 places

1 under the retaining nut of the clutch assembly ...on the output shaft there is a seal - o ring in there ...known to break-crack  over time
2  the output shaft seal itself

but by no means the only place it can leak from

alternator output drive  as well

other wise the input shaft to the gearbox is a high likely hood of some oil leaking from there but not always
unless you have a seal issue around the front face of the gearbox housing ?  

but the high importance thing that should be done is lubricating the spline to the input of the gearbox from the actual clutch plate ....with the special molly compound stuff whilst you have it apart .

hope that helps

they are  well documented in the forum ....just use the "search " utility

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Rick G

Rick G
Once you have gone in that far check it out. As Charlie said the O-ring and main shaft seal are the likely culprits and for the sake of $30 you really dont want to do it all again. I always renew those parts unless I know for absolute sure it has recently been replaced and there is no sign of oil.

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Life time member
If you need confirmation where the oil is from, just sniff it.

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Life time member
If it's gear oil (smells like sulfur/rotten eggs) then it's most likely leaking from the transmission input seal or the seal at the rear of the clutch pushrod. In my experience it is usually the one at the back of the pushrod.

It's a bugger to dig out and what I found works best for installing a new one is to tap it in with a socket with a similar external diameter.

I've replaced a couple of them on different Ks.  I think it's part 23211451159 - 12 in this diagram:

should I inspect clutch MicroImage.aspx?ImageFileName=dbvis4699564031689760424

If the pushrod and the shaft it travels through are wet with gear oil then that's probably the culprit..

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