BMW K bikes (Bricks)

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Wondering if anyone has ever seen a visual catalog of the various OEM electrical connectors on K-bikes. Often the secret to finding a solution to an issue is knowing what part of the wiring harness to test. For me that usually involves identifying the correct connector. Does a visual glossary exist? If not, perhaps we could all contributed pictures as we work at things. The last thing that would be great is if we could cross reference a supplier of connectors or third party connectors for each type.

Just an idea!

1991 K75RT-P

Model Description: K 75RT
Market: Europe
Type: 0565
E-Code: K569
Engine: 3_ZYL - 0,70l (55kW)
Transmission: Manual
Body Color: Polizeiweiss
Production Date: 30.08.1990

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