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I just picked up a plasterboard nail (Sheetrock/Gypsum board) in a nearly new front tyre  Mushroom patches as a puncture repair -What is the collective wisdom 178468 

The guys in the local bike shop said they could do a mushroom patch on the inside akin to this one..
Mushroom patches as a puncture repair -What is the collective wisdom Mushro10

What is the collective wisdom on the safety of these or should I bite the bullet and order a new tyre for our impending Excellent adventure?

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Mushroom patches as a puncture repair -What is the collective wisdom Ir-log1188....May contain nuts!Mushroom patches as a puncture repair -What is the collective wisdom Ir-log11

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I picked up a self-tapping screw in the front tyre within nine miles of the tyre fitting (Harrys tyres in Belfast).  Sad 

Luckly I spotted it when filling for petrol, so pumpted the tyre back up and rode back to them. They fitted a mushroom patch, which stayed in the tyre until replaced after a normal lifespan.

So my vote, as long as they nail is in, or close to the centre, then you're good.  If closer to the sidewall then not so good.


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I had one in the LT front tyre for over 12 months and put a lot of miles on it. Used a proper mushroom patch and its quite safe, would be worried about the trip either. I travel with a repair kit but they are not mushroom patches, just a get you home job. However they don't 'blow out' the way a tube does so you get some warning its going.

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Rick G

Rick G
Shouldn't be a problem just need to check the balance again to be sure.

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Two Wheels Better
I've used a Stop N Go 'mushroom' plug on a brand new Z6 Metzeler and instead of replacing the tyre once I was near a workshop I wore the bloody thing out. It never leaked air. I checked it at every ride. When I took the tyre off the wheel I couldn't find any sign of the plug on the exterior of the tyre until I looked inside the carcass. It was that melded in to the rubber.

Mushroom patches as a puncture repair -What is the collective wisdom Stopng10

Your shown 'plug' is a different animal, and possibly a more 'permanent' solution, but I'd trust them.

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