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Nigel T

Nigel T
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Silver member

After a spirited ride this week it occurs to me that the front brake could benefit from some upgrade soon.

Pads are ok but will need change soon.  I want to change the brake fluid  but thought if doing that I might as well go all the way and change the flexi rubber hoses too for braided steel items. There lies my query. There is a specialist brake line supplier near me who has an off the shelf spec for an 89 K100 RS but it is not clear if it is for an Abs bike. I can take the bike up and they will look at it for me.  

However, I am convinced that somewhere out there someone already knows the length and type of connectors required to replace the flexi brake lines, front and rear, on a 1989 K100RS with ABS.

Apologies if this is already posted on the site, but I could not find it. Many thanks for your advice.

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