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Crazy Frog

Crazy Frog
My summer bike (K75) had an electrical problem and wouldn't start.
I spent some time this winter tracking the trouble and at the end found that it was a bad starter (
I also opened the instrument cluster to replace a bulb.
This spring, when I took the bike out everything was working except the speedometer.
Did I forget to plug a wire? Did I damaged the speedo when I opened it? Maybe the pickup sensor on the rear differential was bad?
Well, the easy test was to put the instrument cluster from the K100 on the K75....
WRONG! after 10 seconds, it started to smell burn. OOPS! (to be polite).
I finally open both instrument clusters, and found that the circuit burned at the same place in both of them. I soldered wires to replace the tracks, and they are working again. To find the short on the k75 I installed a temporarily ½ amp fuse in line with the wires that I soldered in the instrument cluster.

The short was my own fault as I reversed 2 connections.

Here is pictures of the repair (it doesn't look good, but it worked and I saved a lot of money).

Burned speedometer Img_0123 Burned speedometer Img_0124


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