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Hi all,

My new toy, a lovely K1, has a speedo funny. No speedo at all until it warms up. Then a lazy and erratic reading, frequently vacillating up to actual speed, rarely making it over 40mph though, and often returning to zero for a rest. Sometimes rising as the bike slows, but never exceeding actual (as estimated by me) speed.

Poor connection somewhere, I'm assuming. Would anyone be able to point me in the likely direction?

Many thanks,



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Follow the wire from the speed sensor on the rear drive up to the connector.  You probably have a bad connection there.  A spray of contact cleaner may help.

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I agree that the most likely culprit is the speedo sensor or its connector.

More common in earlier Ks but there are also connections in the cluster that can become erratic:

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Is the speedo affected in the same way as it is on the K1200 bricks? In this case a dirty armature in the starter motor prevents a solid earth connection and many of the K1200 components - indicators, lights, speedo - earth through the starter motor. Other symptoms like indicators that won't stay on while riding, or headlights that flicker at certain revs are other indicators that the starter motor armature is dirty however I don't know if the 100/1100's are affected the same way. Until someone tells me...

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Rick G

Rick G
AFAIK it is the load shed relay only that earths through the starter all the other components have conventional earth paths.
Many of those components get power through the load shed relay.

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