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Life time member
i went on a small local ride yesterday, and found a strange phenomenon. When the indicators flashed, (either side) so did the bulb monitor light on the instrument cluster - in sync.

No surprise that when I looked at the back end, both indicators were flashing faintly, with the opposite being slightly stronger than the correct one. Also, the brake and tail lights were flashing faintly.

For the benefit of any who see similar symptoms in any vehicle (or trailer), this is classic lack of proper earth continuity. The lack of a proper earth connection sees current finding another way to earth, via other bulb filaments. 

Disconnect all cable connectors, clean using DeOxit and/or anything else needed, reassemble. All electrons now travelling correctly. Smile


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Life time member
Good work there Bill.

Electrical stuff can do your head in sometimes.

K100RS 1986 RED!

Dress for the ride and the potential slide.

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