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Moro kaikille!

Last winter I make cafe racer on my 1991 RS. Everything seems fine, exept bike loose power... 

Firs I thought that problem is in exhaust (DIY) but no. I borrow original mufler my friend and I cant still release the power...

In center stand bike will take rpm´s fine and idle is smooth. 

When you try accelerate, bike dont make attack like 1000 cubic do. Effekt is like old diesel-mercedes.

What I have done?

- Remove all ABS-component. Changed original dashboard to Koso. Remove tank and fuelpump when tank was painted.

Airfilter is not blocket. Fuel filter is new. Also I change hall-sensors two years to go.

Compressions in cylinder fine...

Is that some motronic-sensor kills the power?




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