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Life time member
MY K100lt is running really well.

Smooth on the bars, plenty of usable power, but I have always noticed a harsh buzz during roll on acceleration in  top.

Closing the throttle slightly at cruising speed, without losing road speed, smoothed everything out.

I once suffered fuel pouring out from the rear cylinder, so I always suspected my FPR to be past its prime.

Starting was never instant, a few turns to prime the system, then she would start.

I took the plunge and fitted a new unit.

I have noticed that cruising at 5k is smoother, and roll on throttle response is better.

The buzz I have always felt during roll on acceleration has largely dissapeared.

I used to feel a harsh deacceleration when closing the throttle at speed, but that has smoothed out  a lot.

My pump pressure was spot on, but I have often wondered if my fuel delivery was constant at higher revs.

Apart from the fact my unit probably was the original , and nearly thirty years old I thought it prudent to 

change it before it left me at the side of the road.

The bike definately seems smoother  to ride.


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New Fuel Pressure regulator today. 112350

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