BMW K bikes (Bricks)

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Due to the fact that the mounting plates and locking pins seem to go missing, I thought I'd try to manufacture one. I recently scored a excellent condition 22 Lt box but missing the key and the locking pin and the camlock that is riveted to the mounting plate. I managed to wangle the tumblers out using an old BMW key, and file down the wafers to suit that key. The missing camlock was made out of steel in two parts and silver soldered together and is in the process of being finished. The mounting plate is in the process of being cast in high grade aluminium at the Trades Guilds foundry. The guy in charge had a look at it and because of the change from steel to aluminium it is being cast a bit thicker. Hopefully the type one prototype will be done on Tuesday. I'll post pictures of the results once cast.
Regards Martin

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