BMW K bikes (Bricks)

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Something I had not known until a club member clued me today. Yeah! Yeah! I've been riding BMW's since the 60's but you can still can learn something new and maybe I'm not the only rider not aware. But if you press both turn signal buttons at the same time then you will get the equivalent of the hazard light switch being pressed. Both turn signals will blink until you release the turn signal buttons and then which ever one was last to be released will continue to blink until the turn signal cancel button is pressed. Not sure if this is just on K bikes or if you have to have the hazard light switch in your dash. It works on both my K75's .

Anyway subject came up because I related my latest adventure of this past Monday. I was hustling down to my buddy Greg's shop to see about getting braided brake lines for the K100 (Blue) I'm restoring. I was on 92 east of the Toll Plaza coming up to the San Mateo Bridge, when I saw some 10 or 20 plastic tubs scattered across the Freeway from side to side in every lane. (for anyone not recognizing the area this one of the 4 or so bridges across S.F. Bay). The tubs were about a 1.5feet/.45 meters in diameter and maybe as tall and looked to be filled with material such as dry wall mud/compound. Anyway I was cruising along at the speed limit, 65 mph, and started dodging them. But a car apparently hit one and knocked it into my right foot. I felt it, the shock of my big toe being hit and once past the area pulled over to check the damage. My toe/foot was hurting but not broken but the sole of my shoe had been ripped open leaving my foot in the chill breeze. So I pushed on took care of the errand to Greg's place and on my return stopped at the toll plaza to see if anyone was identified as having dropped the load. Of course no one was identified but the CHP were towing multiple cars off which had been damaged by hitting the tubs or other vehicles dodging the tubs. I was "lucky" and didn't suffer any major damage to bike or self other than the shoe. But if I had been of quick wit and known of the trick it would have been useful to signal a hazard as you can set the hazard lights without taking your hands away from the controls.

So Ya'll be careful out there! Even paranoids have enemies and they're gunning for US!


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