BMW K bikes (Bricks)

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Quick fix,  circuit breaker, save your brick from burning. 00310
Here is an option to consider if you're interested in reducing the possibility of damage to your brick from a short circuit.

1- Remove the fuel injection relay wire from the positive of the battery (the thinnest of the three)

2- Snip the red ignition switch wire at the starter relay (the thinner of the two)  but leave enough length to add a connector in case you want to reverse the procedure.

3- Connect these two wires to the auxiliary terminal of a 15 Amp circuit breaker.

4- Run a new wire of good diameter from the battery positive to the circuit breaker battery terminal.

5- Bolt the circuit breaker where you like,  on top of the coil cover is a good spot, I think. Then tidy up the wires.

A "B-curve" DC circuit breaker is the best option.

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