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Hello Group,

The saga continues... I embarked on an absorber gear wheel (AGW)replacement back in April with a sojourn over winter. Got a whole output shaft from ebay for about $50, but it turned out that I didn't check my compatibilities closely enough (I got the model a bit wrong on and it's a different shaft. It comes from a 2001 K1200RS ABS.

Nevertheless, the absorber gear wheel fit nicely onto the original shaft with little difficulty, and I've installed it and reassembled up to and including the bell housing. I went to install the clutch housing and whoops! It doesn't fit into the internal diameter of the AGW. The splines themselves seem to match up perfectly, based on putting the old AGW on the new but ill-fitting output shaft.

What to do? I really don't want to take the engine apart again, or buy another AGW. If I were able to procure a K1200RS clutch housing would that be compatible with the rest of the K100RT's clutch components? How about a whole K1200RS clutch? Would that work?

Richard from Sunny Canberra (Australia)
1987 K100RT


RicK G

RicK G
Greetings Rickity, I worked on a K1200LT some years ago and I think the clutch carrier was triangular shape and I am sure the pressure plate was an almost solid disc. Other than that they were remarkably similar but (and there is always a But) the gearbox was 6 speed and very different. I think I remember seeing that the clutch was bigger in diameter (which was needed even in a K100) so to be quite honest I wouldn't like your chances of getting a match up. I do know that the engine is interchangeable with the K1100 and so would be with a K100 as well but what has to be done to match clutch and gearbox I don't know.
One place I can think of who may know is to get on the IBMW forum, their members have mainly K1200 bricks and the later wedge engines.

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