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I had some play in the rear wheel coming from the pivot bearings on a paralevel final drive. I pulled the drive, flushed/repacked/retorqued the bearings and fixed it but the bearings are a little crunchy and will have to be replaced.

While the drive was off the bike I tried to pry out the uni joint without success. Do I just need to use more force to get it off?

Also, has anyone tried these bushes to replace the bearings.


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Rick G

Rick G
The bearing replacements from rubber chicken work well till a bit worn then because they wear oval they cant be adjusted. Those bearings need constant attention similar to the spline lubes on a monolever set up.
The bearings are available aftermarket but are just as expensive as OEM

The UJ comes out with a solid jolt they have an internal circlip as the K100 front UJ.
When you put it all back together make sure the UJs are in line or Phased or you can get bad vibrations. I didnt do mine corectly first time and when I finally did it correctly it was much smoother.
Make SURE the rear UJ is clipped back in properly or a disaster WILL result. The UJ creeps forward and starts getting out of centre because there is not much spline and then wacko all hell breaks lose and if you are lucky you stay on till it stops and if you are real lucky the housing and swingarm are useable.

When you phase a drive shaft the ends have to line up but because the shaft has a rubber insert they dont quite line up (under full power the rubber gives a bit and so then they line up) make sure the rear section is leading the front section. You will find that there is a position where this happens by about 4° and if you go 1 spline futher it is much futher out.
HINT:- they are a real PITA to line up as it has to be done almost blind and the best way is to leave the swing arm pivots out on the right side and you can see where the UJ is lined up.

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Cheers Rick, I'll try a bigger pry bar next go when I get the new bearings. I didn't phase it on reassembly, it's hard enough to get back together as it is. I now notice a significant increase in vibs around 140KPH and above, probably due to phasing of the shaft. I'll pull it off and try again.


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Well a bigger bar didn't get it off, a good thumping did, the shaft and spline both show rust.
I also hit my little finger hard and I think it's turning black Sad

I decided to pull the bearings now and replace them both. 
Including delivery, Munich has them within $10 of motorworks at the moment !!!

Yes it's really swollen and turning black. At least I got the bike bits apart. When it looks really evil I'll post a pic Twisted Evil


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