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I am only able to choose from a limited set of Drei Bond (Three Bond) sealant products so I'm also looking for alternatives to Three Bond for sealing the oil-water pump to the block.

I can get Three Bond 1211 but not the Three Bond 1108. Is the 1211 suitable? If so, I'll get that sealant.

I can also obtain Permatex Anaerobic Sealant (#51850) locally. It is a noncorrosive gasketing material designed primarily for use on aluminum, iron, and steel flanged mating surfaces. Cures to a solvent-resistant seal that will not tear or decay during service. Is it a good substitute for Three Bond?

I also have Grey RTV but I've read differing opinions about using that material in this application.


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There's several Permatex products that would work. I used Form-a-Gasket #2 and none of the bikes that I've used it on have exploded. (Yet. Smile)

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Suzi Q

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Got to say it, but on the oil/water pump I've never had a problem using cheapo hylomar blue or any old RTV.  Finger tighten the bolts, leave for half an hour, then torque up to no more tan 8-9 Nm. If any of the mating faces look ropey, then a sheet of 400 wet and dry taped to a (borrowed  Very Happy) mirror will get them flattish.
IMHO the biggest problem is previous overtightening - it can distort the cover and also pull up the metal around the threads on the pump body.

I should add: If you can get Loctite products then 518 has worked for me where other stuff hasn't despite repeated attempts - namely a problematic seal on the front timing cover of one of my Ks.

Sometimes I'm not really Suzi Quatro.


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Suzi Q wrote:Finger tighten the bolts, leave for half an hour, then torque up to no more tan 8-9 Nm.
This is the secret to getting a good oil(or water) tight seal when using almost any sealant/form-a-gasket.  When I worked in the boatyard, we would tighten just enough to get a bead squeezing out all the way around, and then come back to tighten everything down the next day.

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I have used Dow Corning 736 (red) and JB Weld Red in the past.  I'm sure Permatex will have a Red equivalent as well.  

As per the box on the DC product, it states continuous exposure to 260 deg C (500 deg F) and intermittent exposure to 315 deg C (599 dec F).  This was the stuff we used on our PW2000 radial aircraft engines.  From memory CHT red lined on the gauge at 245 deg C.  So if its good enough for Pratt & Whitney, then its good enough for me.  

The JB Weld states on the packaging that it is rated to 650 deg F and is Great For water pumps.  And is readily available here.  

As the saying goes, Better Dead than Red.  Well this time, just this once I will reverse that saying.  

Suitable sealant to use for oil-water pump Dscn9810

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I can get Three Bond 1211 but not the Three Bond 1108.  Is the 1211 suitable?  If so, I'll get that sealant.
Rob, I’ve been using 1211 for the best part of 20 years and it’s been faultless. I’ve used it on the oil/water pump to block and it’s worked perfectly. It was recommended to me by a BMW tech and I’m still on the first tube I bought way back then. Value for money in spades.

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I've got a tube of 1108 that I bought about twelve years ago. It does a good job of sealing up a leaky sink plughole too Twisted Evil

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i've been researching form in place gasket sealants to replace the gray used in a toyota camry timing cover.  Why? because it never leaked and was easy peasy to remove in large pieces without a bunch of scrape-ing.

It seems interesting that both 3bond and permatext are located in Ohio--like nobody anywhar else knows how to make this stuff, but after looking at dozens of SDS sheets

the main sub-ingredient seems to be 10-30% calcium carbonate, the grays use it and the blacks don't (they use 13% carbon black).

3bond SDS are hard to get, but here is a TDS for 1211

and they don't list an 1108 anymore.

Not all have the same ingredients depending upon cure time, whether it must be instant or 24 hour.  i'm liking the mixture in the 90 min right stuff grey more than any other,

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Looked at SDS for composition and comparison for Toyo, Honda, Aisin, perma, 3bond.


[ ]1 minute instant cure for getting service quickly (mechanics) The Right Stuff,
25238  aero spray  CaCO3, stearic acid, butanone oxime

[ ]90 minute cure 5 minute set, The Right Stuff Grey  2019 SDS  Excellent TDS!
34328  3 oz tube   CaCO3, limestone, light oil, butanone oxime, crystaline silica 

[ ]24 hr cure, Ultra Grey, sold at walmart as 75191

82194-1  SDS2023  CaCO3, Almandite FeAlSi, stearic, buta oxime

82194 Menards SDS2012r4  Dimethsiloxane, CaCO3, Garnet, oxysilane, stearic, buta oxime  

[ ]24 hour cure, Optimum Grey [REJECTED]
27036 SDS 2020 combines titanium oxide and carbon black to get gray? fake out
No Calcium Carbonate.
Menards and walmart have permatex ultra grey 75191, which seems to be same as older permatex 82194 from the 2012 SDS ?

Use of the Tap method to apply it:   in the FIPG and pans thread

Toyota fipg 103 is black due to 13% carbon black added to the silicone.
Black 00295-00103
Red 00295-01281
00295-01281 FIPG for transaxle cases

water pump:

1282B in green box/tube (TB1282B) is 08826-00100 Water Coolant Sealant OEM. $45.00. + $5.85 shipping.
very fast setting--5 minutes or less.

Aisin [water pumps]
AB1207B1 for Japanese Imports

"AISIN Product AB1207B1 (2oz) is equivalent to Toyota product 00295-00103 (3oz)"

Hondabond (Gray) Sealants notes

found on honda D forum
HondaDNA · #12 · Oct 16, 2014

There is a difference between HondaBonds.

Hondabond 4 Semi-Drying Sealant P/N 08717-1194 - Liquid gasket sealant used to seal critical areas as specified in service manuals. Do not use it for gasketless applications. (Replacement for Hondabond 4 Silicone Gasket P/N 08718-0004) [300F]

Hondabond HT Silicone Gasket P/N 08718-0004 - Adhesive sealer for metal-to-metal, metal-to-plastic, or plastic-to-plastic bonding. Good for high temperature applications. (This replaced P/N 08718-0001). [600F]

Ultra Flange Sealant P/N 08718-0003 - Gray Material used to seal areas as described in service manuals. It can also be used for most gasketless applications except oil pans.

Ultra Flange II Sealant P/N 08718-0009 - This thick gray material is the recommended product for sealing gasketless oil pans. It’s also the preferred sealant for most gasketless applications.

Permatex Ultra Grey = The old HondaBond HT, new stuff is made by ThreeBond

hondabond ht  08718-0001  found here:

Three Bond

TB1184  gray liquid gasket maker, some thought it too runny

1207B is called out in the FSM for timing cover, EM-35.  EM36 gives schedule, bead diameter and location.

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